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Home » 002*/365/2017 :: A Twenty Seventeen chapter begin

002*/365/2017 :: A Twenty Seventeen chapter begin

002*/365/2017 :: A Twenty Seventeen chapter begin

Klebang, Malacca, Malaysia

While seeing many new year greeting posts on Facebook, it is quite a tradition practise for me to post something in this very new year.

+ 2016 post
+ 2015 post
+ 2014 post
+ 2013 post
+ 2012 post
+ 2011 post

By looking the past, you will witness how you making good progress gradually or how many mistakes you have made, how many obstacle you have conquered and the story goes on and on.

While reading my every new year post, it makes me spotted one thing quite different compared with previous years. I gradually speak very little about work, mostly focus on family, friends and health. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean that I don’t want to talk about work, it is just besides work, there are many qualities things out there awaits me to explore. It took half of my life to really enlighten and understand the true meaning of life.

I believe this is a good thing which may hint I am more concern about my surroundings, because work will never end. Besides that, work is never everything, it just occupying a portion of your life pie. I am still trying to balance out between work and life, always striving for the balance.

Lastly, would like to take this opportunity to say how lucky and grateful I am. In relation to work, life, relationship, health and others. I wish everyone have a great year ahead, looking forward to the new chapter and fill up with great laughters, happiness, most importantly stay healthier.

** Special thanks the professional photographer who volunteer and taking such a great composition for us. It reminds me the shot I’ve taken back in Bali Seminyak trip, simple, yet heartwarming.

You must see this on large View On White and View On Black

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