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431 In The Gulf

431 In The Gulf

Here is another photo from the Tops of 2018 folder that I’m just now adding to FB.

This is the caption I wrote when this was originally posted on FB:

You’ve all read the story about Friday’s craziness in the Northeast Kingdom. Saturday, as it turns out, worked out much smoother. I’m certain that was because I left the driving and decision making to someone else!

Anyway, John Kittredge and I left White River Jct early and headed over towards the old Rutland Mainline. Originally our goal was to follow the weekly slurry train (operating in the regular 263 schedule) down a bit then double back to follow the fall foliage passenger train operating from Chester up to Summit and back. We made it to Ludlow when a report from Kevin Burkholder told us our best bet was to turn around and head back to Chester and follow the passenger train up the hill and then meet up with the slurry to follow it back down behind the tourist train.

So back to Chester we went and met up Kevin and relaxed for an hour with coffee in the sunshine. After a nice chase of the foliage train from Chester to Summit then back to Okemo we doubled back west a bit to watch the 263/loaded slurry train getting underway at Summit.

We followed them all the way down the mountain to Riverside before finally taking a break for a couple cold ones at Harpoon Brewing before going out for some evening action of a different variety.

Here they are curling downgrade deep in Cavendish Gulf on the old Rutland Railway Green Mountain mainline now Vermont Rail System’s Bellows Falls Subdivision. They are approaching the Densmore Road crossing at MP B20.7. Leading the way is world famous VTR 431 an EMD SD70M-2 blt. Dec. 2006 as FEC 101.

Cavendish, Vermont
Saturday September 29, 2018

Posted by Dave Blaze Rail Photography on 2021-12-29 12:32:44


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