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A Rocky Relationship

A Rocky Relationship

Marine iguana (Amblyrhynchus cristatus hassi) – Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos National Park, Ecuador

Happy Valentines day to everyone! A variety of animals have complex courting rituals that are as varied as they are fascinating. The male iguana defends a territory which contains females from other males, and the biggest toughest iguana has the most females and mating opportunities. However, he is constantly fighting off rivals who invade his territory and will sometimes attempt to mate with the females there. I watched this male defend his territory many times and once come to the rescue of a female who had been seized by an outside male. Its a bit of a rocky relationship but this iguana and his gals can still share a tender moment here and there.

Happy Valentines Day to all!

Posted by antonsrkn on 2016-02-14 22:09:45

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