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Bellbird / Korimako

Bellbird / Korimako

Went on the short Nature Trail Walk in Hanmer Springs to see if there were any birds. We were welcomed by the beautiful sound of bellbirds. Every now and then they were flitting around from tree to tree. It was pretty dark in the forest as dark rain clouds moved in. So, a good opportunity to experiment with a very high ISO setting. DxO PhotoLab’s prime noise reduction came to the rescue to clean up the image in pp. No other corrections were necessary. I am super impressed with the outcome and as such I have totally overcome my fear of pushing up the ISO. I used to get anxious if ISO went over 3200. But I have learned that as long as you expose properly high ISO is your friend.

Posted by DanD_NZ on 2022-05-06 20:22:01

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