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Citroën 2CV AZ 1956 (3481)

Citroën 2CV AZ 1956 (3481)

Manufacturer: Citroën S.A., Groupe PSA Peugeot Citroën, Saint-Ouen – France
Type: 2CV AZ
Engine: 425cc 2-cylinder boxer engine air-cooled
Power: 12 bhp / 3.500 rpm
Speed: 78 km/h
Production time: 1955 – 1959
Production outlet: 332,338
Curb weight: 520 kg

– Designed by Flaminio Bertoni as the TPV (Toute Petite Voiture) what later became the 2CV.
– Only one colour was initially offered when the car came on the scene in 1948, it was grey. A second colour was offered since 1959: blue.
– The engine did not even include a distributor; instead, there was a coil that fired the spark plugs, it had a four-speed manual gearbox and it was "fed" by a Solex carburetor.
– There was one spring on each side of the car which made up the vehicles suspension and drum brakes all-around.
– The eccentric car offered innovations such as a built-in jacking system and the flexibility of movable seating surfaces.
– The ability to remove the seats and panels created extra room for larger objects, while the canvas roof extends to the bumper.
– The cenrtifugaal clutch is designed for city use. You can drive off in 1st or 2nd gear. The AZ is now driving like an automatic.
– The AZ has two horns: one for city use and a louder horn for outside the city.

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