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Day Thirty Eight

Day Thirty Eight

February 9, 2011
A-Z through the DSM IVr
B: Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a personality disorder described as a prolonged disturbance of personality function in a person (generally over the age of eighteen years, although it is also found in adolescents), characterized by depth and variability of moods. The disorder typically involves unusual levels of instability in mood; black and white thinking, or splitting; the disorder often manifests itself in idealization and devaluation episodes, as well as chaotic and unstable interpersonal relationships, self-image, identity, and behavior; as well as a disturbance in the individual’s sense of self. In extreme cases, this disturbance in the sense of self can lead to periods of dissociation.

Studies suggest that individuals with BPD tend to experience frequent, strong and long-lasting states of aversive tension, often triggered by perceived rejection, being alone or perceived failure. Individuals with BPD may show lability (changeability) between anger and anxiety or between depression and anxiety and temperamental sensitivity to emotive stimuli. The negative emotional states specific to BPD may be grouped into four categories: destructive or self-destructive feelings; extreme feelings in general; feelings of fragmentation or lack of identity; and feelings of victimization.

Individuals with BPD can be very sensitive to the way others treat them, reacting strongly to perceived criticism or hurtfulness. Their feelings about others often shift from positive to negative, generally after a disappointment or perceived threat of losing someone. Self-image can also change rapidly from extremely positive to extremely negative. Impulsive behaviors are common, including alcohol or drug abuse, unsafe sex, gambling and recklessness in general. Attachment studies suggest individuals with BPD, while being high in intimacy- or novelty-seeking, can be hyper-alert to signs of rejection or not being valued and tend toward insecure, avoidant or ambivalent, or fearfully preoccupied patterns in relationships. They tend to view the world generally as dangerous and malevolent, and tend to view themselves as powerless, vulnerable, unacceptable and unsure in self-identity.

Suicidal or self-harming behavior is one of the core diagnostic criteria in DSM IV-TR, and management of and recovery from this can be complex and challenging. The suicide rate is approximately 8 to 10 percent. Self-injury attempts are highly common among patients and may or may not be carried out with suicidal intent. BPD is often characterized by multiple low-lethality suicide attempts triggered by seemingly minor incidents, and less commonly by high-lethality attempts that are attributed to impulsiveness or comorbid major depression, with interpersonal stressors appearing to be particularly common triggers. Ongoing family interactions and associated vulnerabilities can lead to self-destructive behavior. Stressful life events related to sexual abuse have been found to be a particular trigger for suicide attempts by adolescents with a BPD diagnosis.

Well this is only kind of my idea was much cooler but I was struggling to make it work. I took a good 60 pics last night but they didn’t turn out and I was too tired to reshoot so I’m now two days in the hole 😛 but that’s alright, I figure I deserve to have a less strict 365 because my pics aren’t just 10 minutes of shooting, 10 minutes of editing, and walla…these puppies take hours lol

So a personal update: I went to see the counselor yesterday and after talking with her for an hour and a half I was suddenly filled with motivation…I feel so empowered. I actually declared a major today which is still kinda bizarre to me. I am now a psychology major. I’m also looking into school in Sacramento so I can be 30-60 minutes from Garry as opposed to 2,500 miles lol so we’re SO filled with hope that this long distance is coming to an end. I also plan on telling my mom about my engagement (finally). I’m going to write her a letter then either read it on the phone or wait until spring break and read it to her then. It’s going to drive me insane but I NEED to do it…her not knowing is holding me back and it’s eating away at me slowly. No matter what her reaction may be, I will move on and learn to deal with it…this is my life now…mine. I’m 20 years old and while I may be naive, insecure, and young I’m NOT stupid and immature.

I feel so refreshed…like this is the beginning of something wonderful 🙂

Todays Meme:
Day 26 – A picture of something that means a lot to you.

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