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Doing Grandma Things

Doing Grandma Things

My grandchildren are fabulous, loving, and hilarious ♥

Capricorn grandparents are highly responsible and epitomize self-discipline and reserve. They are authoritative and dignified, and they age beautifully. Competitive by nature, they plan for every possibility and manage finances well. Capricorn is the least spontaneous sign of the zodiac. Those born under this sign don’t openly discuss their feelings and can have a tough time loosening up even at kids’ birthday parties.

Cancer grandchildren have nurturing and caring hearts. Even at a young age, they show an appreciation of home and a love of domesticity. Grandchildren born under this sign have two important needs: to love and to be loved; this makes them unusually affectionate. They can also be artistic, enterprising, and shrewd. But Cancers are also subject to mood swings, so expect both great days and challenging ones.

Models: Giselle Chauveau & Sunjai Thorne
Photographer: Giselle Chauveau

Posted by Giselle Chauveau on 2015-06-22 12:22:41


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