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Early Springtail

Early Springtail

Entomobrya albocincta (Thanks for confirming Frans)

Not sure I have ID’d this one correctly, but this was as close a match as I could find (although the second abdominal band is more orangey on the images I found on Here there are 2 distinctly white bands).

This is one of my earliest springtail shots, taken in September last year. I found this whilst trying to clear out my catalogue of images (I have taken over 20,000 images since last April, and that’s with clearing out a load of no hopers immediately after import).

In fact this was one of my earliest shots with the MP-E, having only purchased it a couple of weeks earlier, so I was impressed when I found a series of 5 stacked images at F5.6!

Obviously I hadn’t got to grips with stacking software at that stage, which may be why I didn’t attempt to combine them at that point, and this missed out on the 365 (although I did post a rather impressive looking Flat-Footed Fly that day, so maybe it lost out in the selection process).

Either way, as my work/life balance is completely out the window at the moment, and I haven’t shot anything in what seems like ages, it was rather therapeutic to spend a bit of time with these images in zerene stacker, and add this little fellow to my Collembola collection.

5 Images @ 5X (F5.6)

Posted by TimGarlick on 2014-01-06 20:09:45

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