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Scout, Scout, look at me!
I have overcome the cookie monster fear !!!!
I have followed your advice; eyes closed and think of something nice.
Closing the eyes didn’t work very well. Then I put cookie monster eyes on my eyes. And …. it worked! I was thinking about you and oh …. the donut was so delicious!
I am so grateful to you my best friend.
(Ik ben je zo dankbaar mijn beste vriend)
Now I have two sweet eyes left. One for you and one for me. I take them with me when we go for a walk with the pram.
While walking in the park we look for a bench and eat the sweet eyes. I’m looking forward to that!

Lots of bear kisses from Peter, your very, very best friend from Holland
Veel berenkusjes van je aller, aller beste vriend uit Holand

Peter and Oleg are very good friends with two bears (Scout and Paddy) from Australia and their Daddy
When they are sad or in trouble there are always Scout and Paddy to help.
That is true friendship…

Posted by Marian Kloon (on and off) on 2021-04-22 17:21:54


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