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I’ve often found myself forcing situations or looking back in shoulda- coulda- woulda mode. These past few years have taught me that life is way too short for regrets, and it’s so much easier to allow things to flow naturally. Thus, although I may lead my life’s direction, with ample time for reflection, that does not impede my ability to function. My caravan seems aligned for the future, but I’ll always look for opportunity in the outliers. With back to the mirrors, I forge ahead into the unknown, storms ominously brewing behind me. See, we never know when the storms will come, but we can rest assured that they won’t last forever.

•FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Sinking Sands

•FOXCITY. Desert Friend Bento Pose Set (comes with camel)

🚕🚕 Taxi 🚕🚕 🔔🔔 Uber
[ 02/25-03/22]

After @ Foxcity Mainstore

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。.:*・°☆.。Thank You! Happy Shopping!! 。.:*・°☆.。

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