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How The Stoics Dealt With Anxiety (10 Strategies)

How much more enjoyable would your days be without the constant dread of stress looming over you? Anxiety was one of the main emotions Stoicism was built to handle.

The pages of Marcus Aurelius’s private journal are filled with notes to himself on how to ‘escape anxiety’. Epictetus says the ‘most important task in life’ was determining what we could control and what we couldn’t, in an effort to ease daily anxieties. Seneca’s letters are constant reminders to not suffer before it is necessary. And not just reminders, but practical, actionable steps to overcoming both.

00:00 Intro

01:39 1. Focus On The Little Things

02:29 2. Practice Gratitude

03:21 3. Have No Opinion

03:55 4. Stop Caring About What People Think

04:23 5. Process Your Emotions

05:39 6. Don’t Suffer Imagined Troubles

06:32 7. Choose Not To Be Harmed

07:19 8. Go For A Walk

08:27 9. Keep A Journal

09:05 10. Grab The Right Handle

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