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I wish I came back with a bang, but…

I wish I came back with a bang, but...

First of all, I’d like to say a big gigantic THANK YOU to all of you. If it weren’t for flickr, its amazing community, and the support I receive, I wouldn’t have chased after photography so eagerly and continually seek to improve.

I got into a film production class as a cinematographer. When I walked into the interview, three out of four of the interviewers mentioned my photography. And because of that, they trusted my eye for composition and my self-discipline and readiness to learn. 🙂
And for getting into this production class, I was offered a free-ride into the lighting course that accompanies it. Big relief for my scheduling dilemma!

This quarter’s been rough, though, and it’s going to continue to be rough. I am still struggling to find photographic spark. In fact, when I shot this, it was sort of a "force myself to go outside and shoot something," yet I still end up standing next to this fence.

I think I’m happy. I’m just overwhelmed by everything.
So overwhelmed that I just burst into tears for about 30 seconds.
What the hey?

Posted by Annie Hall Photography on 2010-10-09 01:41:23


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