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My goal with this series is to explore every day scenes under the cover of darkness. A street corner, a lamp post, a doorway. Big city, small town, urban, rural. Man-made light versus nature’s darkness–––light and shadow interpreting minimalist settings in black and white. To see more in this series, check out Cover Of Darkness

Early on in the COVER OF NIGHT series, I shot a couple gas stations. They were not initially the type scene I was looking to capture, but when I came across one late at night, bright and isolated in the darkness, it was impossible for me to resist, so I continue to shoot them. I have now shot enough that they have become a series-within-the-series. For a look at them as a collection, check out, Gas Stations

Posted by shutterclick3x on 2023-02-22 13:21:52

Tagged: , Black and White , B/W , Night , Light and Shadow , Moody , Frank Loose , gas pump

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