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MacMaster-Leahy Band

MacMaster-Leahy Band

The band includes, bass, percussion, and keyboards. This is my last in this series. I have attached several video snippets featuring their children playing and dancing.

Natalie MacMaster, husband Donnell Leahy, and their children all from Cape Breton in Canada were at the Strand Theater in Rockland, Maine this past Wednesday for a show and what a show it was. Both are accomplished fiddlers of traditional Celtic music and their children are following along. I will post some more. As a plug, the children will be on on TV in the US in a show "Little Big Shots" hosted by Steve Harvey.

I had to shoot at ISO 6400 and that is challenging. I used Nic Define for the first time to remove some noise. The video also uploaded is a snippet of her playing.

Natalie’s family and work-life have been intertwined since marrying fellow fiddler Donnell Leahy in 2002. Her values are equally as important in her life as music. She believes incorporating family into her performances and music is the perfect way to maintain a healthy work-life balance. MacMaster and Leahy now have five beautiful children, the newest addition being born August of 2012. She maintains her devotion to family by having their children join her and her husband on tour. Natalie admits that becoming a mother has reinvigorated her love for the stage by giving her a chance to transform from Natalie The Mom into Natalie MacMaster The Entertainer. [Her website]

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