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Makuta, Emperor of Elements

Makuta, Emperor of Elements

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(Yes, I am aware of the typo)

The main idea for this creation is that somehow Makuta has captured the Toa’s masks and is using his dark magic to wield all their power at once. Each arm has a gear in the back that can spin the masks while the hands stay still, as if they were orbiting around the hand like elemental fireballs.

For the build I wanted to go for a more wizardly, regal, and more royal look than Makuta is traditionally known for while still keeping familiar elements. I’m particularly proud of how the chest and head turned out.

This guy was built together VERY last minute. I had made a parts order weeks before, but since I didn’t expect them to come in before the contest was over I hadn’t had much built when they showed up a few days ago. Really I could have never finished him without the emotional support and help of my family. Shoutout to them for offering their time even if my poor time-management caused the problem.
Please check out the entry page and good luck to everyone participating in the competition!

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