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Media Bias: Axis of Evil

Media Bias: Axis of Evil

A curious link presents itself from today’s Wikipedia query…

Teacher in Role
"Teacher in role" is a roleplaying exercise used in the classroom to help students develop critical thinking skills. In it, the teacher creates a dramatic environment in which the students and teacher all play different characters in an unfolding narrative. This article uses the story of the "Three Little Pigs" to illustrate the technique.

The teacher prepares for the exercise by way of a discussion of social workers. She then induces the students to play the part of social workers in the day’s exercise. "The teacher from now on calls the group "Social workers" and anything he asks them to do, he does treating them with the same respect as he would a real social worker. The teacher produces a pre-printed questionnaire and a case study for the group to use. The case study is an extract from the story "The Three Little Pigs". It concentrates on the part when the wolf ("Mr Wolf") falls down the chimney and gets boiled in the pot. The questionnaire asks basic questions about who is to blame for the accident, and whether or not the wolf should be sent to jail. The teacher asks the "social workers" to form small groups and just fill out the questionnaire."

Next the teacher instructs the "social workers" that today the courts have asked that they speak to Mr. Wolf and attempt to determine why he did what he did. She then leaves the room and returns costumed as Mr Wolf who is old and in pain after his ordeal. Mr Wolf sits down and begins to speak quietly to the students. He asks who the people at the front of the room are and why he is before them today. "So what is it you would like to know? I suppose you’ve heard their side of the story."

By way of answering the students questions, Mr. Wolf gradually tells them how he was hungry and was only asking for some food when the three pigs tricked him.

"The first house, which was made of straw tickled his nose, and that made him sneeze, blowing it down; when he tried to say sorry the pig ran, so he followed him to make sure he was okay. The second pig’s house, made of sticks had a stick poking out, which caught Mr Wolf’s coat, and when he pulled away, he accidentally knocked the house down. He tried to say sorry but the pigs ran away. Mr Wolf caught up with them at the third house, where he knocked on the door and asked to be let in, because he was thirsty after the long run. The pigs told him to go away. Then they hatched an evil plan; they told him that the door was stuck and that he could happily have a drink and something to eat, but he would have to get in somehow. Mr Wolf suggested the windows and doors, but the pigs said they were all locked, and that he should come through the chimmney. Mr Wolf was worried he might hurt himself so the pigs said they would leave a pot of water there to break his fall, and so that he wouldn’t get a cold they would warm the water for him a little bit. Of course when he fell in the water was boiling hot, and all the pigs did was dance around and laugh, then throw Mr Wolf out on the road."

After the questions have stopped Mr. Wolf realizes that he has to see his probation officer today and excuses himself. The teacher returns to the room and passes out more questionnaires for the students to complete.

When the group has returned the forms the teacher collects them and asks the students if they still think Mr. Wolf is guilty and should be sent to prison. Typically, most of the group says he shouldn’t be. The teacher then explains that she will submit the questionnaires to the court so that the judge may decide Mr. Wolf’s fate.

This particular exercise emphasizes the need to hear both sides of a story while practicing some of the critical thinking skills necessary to navigate through a densely packed media environment.

From Wikipedia: Teacher in Role

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