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Meteorites over a city

Meteorites over a city

Biology which has created humans has not succeeded until now. Humans suffer as I wrote before; there are many people in prisons, hospitals, mental health facilities, war zones, etc. The system helping us when we are in troubles is our brain, but not always functioning well. When it functions well, we are not in danger. Our brain is effected by our feelings. The system which helps us when we are in trouble makes us to land to a jail, hospital, etc. Our body doesn’t have luxury to have different systems in our brain for each case, using the same one for saving us and for bringing us in trouble. Our brain is not properly developed.

When we are in regulated area, say we are doing some calculations, we do .well if we know the rules in mathematics. We don’t do well when we are not in regulated area, no rules. in that case, we are effected by our feelings, we are on our own, there are no regulations to lead us out of troubles.

We have, according a research, ten main feelings; fear, anger, shame, contempt, disgust, guilt, distress, interest, surprise and joy. Overall, we have more than 3000 different feelings, these are the mixture of main feelings. More feelings may make us more sophisticated, but it can bring us in trouble too. It is difficult to handle a lot of different feelings. At some ages or/ and at some cases, we are harder hit from feelings, managing of our thoughts will be difficult with critical thinking. At same cases, we are just managed by our feelings, this is not good.

Biology has not succeeded until now, but we might do well millions of years later if we survive. We correct ourself. It looks like it is in that way for now, we have, somewhat, a healthier society in compare with previous centuries. We may get extinct after some years if changing body functions create a not healthy society.

While we get troubled by a big meteorite ( a giant space rock might hit us in the future ), we don’t look elsewhere. Our real enemy is, "maybe “, we are, changing humans, consequently our society.

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