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New day

New day

It has been a most unusual year. In the space of a nine months the pandemic has transformed the world. Beginning with a health challenge in Wuhan, it quickly became a global health, social and economic emergency. It is inevitable that the full consequences of this pandemic may not become apparent for many years to come, and its effects may have an impact on future generations.

The unfolding crisis imposed a need on many people to make unprecedented decisions with ethical implications. Those at the front line of clinical care had to decide about their duties to their patients and their families. The ethical perplexities, however, have not been limited to those involved in clinical decision-making. There are probably few people who have been left untouched by this pandemic.

For the first time in many people lives, their careers and personal lives have blended. Children popping into Zoom meetings and cats coming for affection during key points in a meeting. It made business interactions somewhat more authentic, and because of that we grew closer. Perhaps we all needed a reminder how much we appreciate those experiences we took for granted.

With that I would like to thank you for your support, thoughtful comments, and banter. I am ever so grateful for the interaction and kindness many of you have shown me in the past year.

Happy new year everyone with new experiences and hopes!

Posted by Wildlife & Nature Photography on 2020-12-30 12:10:20

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