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Not Just Another Friday

Not Just Another Friday

Yesterday I made the post "Another Friday". Turns out it wasn’t, not at all. Reason why is because yesterday I had a job interview in the morning and after two and a half months of searching, after applying to well over 200 places, after having 3 separate times where I had 4-5 interviews from jobs that were followed by either being ghosted, or being told we had a great convo but I didn’t seem like a good long term fit, or that I didn’t have the specific experience they needed, after going from having 13k in the bank to asking for an extension on my rent so I could use the last 2k I’d saved for my daughter to survive and pay for her birthday party which takes place today, and after getting a letter from EDD 2 months after applying telling me my phone interview would take place in 6 MORE weeks… Something amazing happened.

The job called my recruiter back as soon as I left, and I spoke to them about more questions they had. I really pushed in this interview, between the recent ones and the dozens of interviews I did when covid first struck I’d been rejected a good 20-30 times, I’ve lost count. But this time I wasn’t going to lose or wait for someone else to swoop in and take it from me. Then the CFO called me and I spoke to him. Then, the same day I interviewed and less than 24 hours after we even scheduled the interview, they made an offer and I got the job. One that pays right, one that’s at a good company with a good work/life balance and good people, one where I’m working the title I deserve and can be part of a team instead of soloing it. Just like that, all my persistence paid off and seemingly my dreams came true.

Sure it’s gonna take a few months to recover what I lost to get here, but it would’ve taken years to recover from any more abuse I would’ve put up with at the last job and I’m happier now more than ever that I bet on myself and took a stand and got out of a toxic situation and told myself I deserved better. When I asked to be paid fairly at that job and not paid below (Yes below) the bottom 1% for people in my position, and to just be paid the bottom 1% in the area I live in, I was told we don’t think you’re worth it. When I left that openly and proudly racist, soul sucking job I told them the truth is, they weren’t worth it.

I came home and cancelled all my other interviews, told my apartment manager what was up and that I’d pay half my checks until I’m paid off and sealed it with a fist bump, and now today my daughter gets to have a happy 3rd birthday party where her mom isn’t stressing about money or life.

Dreams do come true if you believe in yourself and push hard to get them, and to anyone who feels lost in their job or life, just remember it’s never too late to invest in yourself and take a risk because the ones who catch dreams are the ones willing to chase them.

Posted by Aliyah Guerrero on 2022-07-16 13:51:25


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