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Peony …

Peony ...

Posted for: 100 Flowers 2022 (57/100)

When it comes to flamboyant flowers, few plants can beat the hardy, deciduous peony – the giant blooms can often be the size of dinner plates.

There are three types of peony: herbaceous types, which die back to ground level every winter; tree peonies, which are taller and more woody and keep their frame throughout winter (they’re small shrubs and not trees); and intersectional hybrids, which are a cross between tree and herbaceous types (Gardeners World)

This flower has helped me support Marc in so many ways, not least of all the discovery of a surprise gift. I use the unfurling petals to reveal the red and golden centre as a means to helps him overcome his fears of opening up a wrapped gift. You many recall I explained this when he is given Christmas or Birthday gifts.

Have a lovely day everyone. Keep safe and stay well :-))

Posted by Just call me, Paul on 2022-05-12 08:08:00


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