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Remarkable Homes Tour 2015

Remarkable Homes Tour 2015

Innovation and creativity, along with a healthy dose of thriftiness, are the hallmarks of architect Duo Dickinson’s raised home and barn. What started as a 1,100-square-foot, one-room ode to small living has been thoughtfully expanded to accommodate a growing family. A whimsical outbuilding now known as the “Barn of Fun” was added to give two teenage boys space of their own. Located a few steps from the house, the barn features a three-story screened porch that utilizes 32 species of wood. Built on a budget over a decade, the barn is a showcase of salvaged and recycled objects, each of which has its own story. The house itself, built in 1984, features cedar shingles, a vaulted entry carport below the living spaces, and arched teak railings, reminiscent of a bridge, that lead to the front door. Two bedrooms added in 1989 bring the home up to 1,800 square feet. Despite its modest size, the home has an air of openness, enhanced by natural light that streams through a large bay window in the living room and by spectacular views of the tidal wetlands afforded by a wall of sliding glass doors.
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