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Shopping Trip Tips

Shopping Trip Tips

It’s so great to see so many of us girls getting out shopping and enjoying being the girl we always knew we were! For some of us who are on the fence wanting to go out shopping here are some tips from my experience to help getting there!:
— Prepare- Make sure you have everything ready including a route and makeup and essentials in you hand bag.
— Dress nicely- I tend to over dress for shopping but try to look your best and wear what makes you feel feminine. Remember you might be trying on outfits so something you can get and out of yourself helps. 2 pairs of shoes too, leave one in the car so if your feet start hurting or you break a heel you have a backup pair.
— Timing- I try to go weekdays and early. There are more women and less families, couples, and kids around.
— Know the stores- If it’s a mall I usually check out the mall map to see where the stores I like are and where to park for them.
— Attitude- Although everyone has been nervous try to get into the mindset of being a woman. Keep saying to yourself that you are female and going to do what females love doing!
— Going in- Don’t be a lurker hiding behind clothes racks and walls, women don’t do that. I suggest to immediately find something that you want to see closer. Most times you will be greeted by someone in sales so smile because it makes breaking the ice so much easier. When asked if you need any help try to gush a bit over that item you have chosen to look at closer. Saying things like "This is such a cute dress!" , " I love the colors in this!", "What sizes does this come in?" or just " I love this!" will make the sales person feel at ease and implies that you are really in tune with the feminine world you want to be included in!
— Buying and playing dress up- It’s fine to look around the whole store to see everything. When you find something you want pick it up and also gather other things you may like. Someone will eventually come over and ask if they can hold your selections and offer a try on room until you are done looking. When you decided what you want to buy tell them that you are getting this but want to look around more and they will hold it for you up front. This also confirms you are a paying customer and now frees you up to play "dress up" maybe choosing some things you would have never thought to try on! This approach works like a charm.
— Compliments- Always give compliments to the girls working in the stores. You can ask if something they are wearing was bought in this store because you love it or maybe the girl has amazing hair or a fantastic make up job that you like. People get closer to you when you notice nice things about them!
— Be considerate- Do not try to force yourself into something that is obviously too small for you and stretch or tear it. Also keep some folded up paper towels in your purse and use it to cover the neck area when putting on or taking off a pull over top or dress. Better yet ask them if the have a face guard and they will appreciate that you care about the merchandise.
— Names- Always ask for their names and tell them yours, it makes it more of a intimate and cordial visit. I have had so many sales girls greet me by name on returning visits and goes a long way it showing you care about them.
— Check out- Be pleasant and talkative while purchasing your new item. Tell them thank you for all the help or that you love the things in the store and will be back!
Using these simple tips will make your shopping trips much more fun and I have noticed that if you make it fun for them and they see you having a good time it makes them feel good that they were part of your good experience. I have stopped into stores that I have purchased in just to say hello even if I wasn’t going to shop in that that store that day and they appreciated that. I have also done really girlie things like getting cupcakes and bringing them into the store for them to have! One girl said that I was so nice and none of their customers ever did anything like that for them! I have also shown pictures on my phone of me out dressed in a dress or outfit that I bought for them and they loved seeing them! So get out there and enjoy yourselves!

Posted by LisaM. on 2015-07-07 11:37:54

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