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Signs of Winter

Signs of Winter

One drawback of using high megapixel cameras is that your hard drives are filling up very fast and you will quickly find yourself being out of space. So one day I found myself going through the archives after files I should have discarded a long time ago. I know I have many of them I will never use but I hate the tedious decision making goin through every file. During this process, which by the way is a neverendig story, I stumbled on a pic from a visit to my family in Austria some years ago. Somehow I never bothered to do anything about it. So I found the perfect excuse to postpone the boring search and plunge into a much more pleasing pursuit reminding me of times long ago when I would try to find any excuse to postpone studying for an exam. even cleaning the dorm would suffice.

Posted by ludwigriml on 2020-07-26 10:44:02

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