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St Agnes Head

St Agnes Head

It’s a month since I last uploaded anything onto these pages. Partly because the work life balance has been non-existent, and partly because on the handful of occasions I’ve been out, I seem to have lost the ability to take photos worth sharing with anyone. Maybe I’ve struggled for locations and inspiration, maybe I need a break from it all. Maybe I need more time to take photos.

So hopefully the fact that this time next week Lee and I will be heading away from the suburbs of Reykjavik armed with our camera bags and heading for a host of new and exciting locations in a rented VW campervan is going to do the trick. Two middle aged blokes, graciously released into the wilderness by their better halves for an entire week. What could go wrong?

So here for now, and a reminder that I haven’t fallen off the edge of the earth is a shot of Lee hanging over a local precipice just 4 miles from home at St Agnes Head. Last time I was here I was being dragged on a ten mile jog around the tiny paths that hover over the cliff edges by an ultra runner called Louise. As we shuffled along the path she offered helpful advice such as "don’t trip up here or they’ll be dragging your remains out of the sea when they eventually find you."

Well ok she didn’t actually say that, but it’s pretty much what she meant.

Posted by Dom Haughton on 2019-07-07 10:52:43

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