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“The Campfire”

I went to Dinner Island Wildlife Management Area Yesterday.
It was my wife Shirley’s favorite place to go camping! We camped there by this campfire and many more like it over the years. It brought out mixed emotions and some very fond memories!

I wrote this poem as I sat by the fire one night, and of coarse she thought it was great! So please forgive an old man for getting a little emotional and boring you with such a simple photograph, but this one is for "The Tourist" Love You more Babe!

"The Campfire"

I sit and stare into the flames

Remembering how things were

How things might be again

The moon overhead is full and bright

The fireflies do their part to light up the night

The fire flickers and the embers start to glow

That feeling of peace within me begins to grow

I will sleep well tonight

Here under the stars by my campfire

In paradise.

Posted by Gary Helm on 2018-03-02 02:16:20

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