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The swamp thing

The swamp thing

I’ve been trying to get out for a little fresh air before I start work everyday but with daylight starting so much closer to work time my chances to grab a shot are getting very limited, and I probably have to accept I will soon be doing just long exposure shots.

On my brief morning jaunt routine I noticed that a local wood had become swampy in the middle and I thought had aspects that looked a bit like a mangrove swamp. On a return visit I realised that I must have had my romantic glasses on and that "the swamp" had a more sinister feel about it.

So I was excited when this morning I woke and saw the local forecast showed "FOG". Well what a load of b@ll@cks that was. Not even a thin veil of the misty stuff.! But nonetheless self-discipline dictated I must head out for a short walk in the gloom. And stopped briefly to grab a few shots in the swampy bit in the semi-dark. But came away very unimpressed with my results. And now I’m not sure proper fog will make it any better

Posted by PentlandPirate: Innes House Photography on 2020-11-27 10:00:41

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