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the tentative search

the tentative search

Inspired from the research projects I have in Anthropology. I honestly have no idea what I am doing. Searching for answers in a river of knowledge.

I wonder how many students can resonate with this image! I sure can! Books and papers everywhere, feeling in a state of total chaos.

To me this photo resonates with me undergraduate degree days where I felt overwhelmed by not only the work that I needed to get done but by the incredible access to information we have. There are so many sources and you can get whatever you’re looking for within seconds. This can be incredibly powerful but also dangerous; It becomes even more important to develop critical thinking skills to apply what we are seeing and reading because unfortunately not everything we read,see or hear is valid or true. So while I may not technically work in the field of my studies, I have developed strong analytical and critical thinking skills, and for that I will always feel grateful that I got the privilege to attend post secondary.

I really want to write more but I need to go to bed. night.

Model: Jess Harbron

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