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Tropical Aura

Tropical Aura

🎧"Secret Earth" (Voyage Futur):

🎧"Tropical Aura" (nature video):

Celebrating this awesome tropical sunset aura at Rawa Island, Sth China Sea, a couple of days before leaving; where emotional, mental and spiritual levels that form an energy field round a place are known as aura, here, an aura of radiant hope for a better world.

This was especially the case with this sunset. There were added dimensions of colour to the earlier one that was a bit like this one, especially the blue. Blue symbolises serenity and calmness that represents intelligence and responsibility.

The shot was also taken from the then dark beach, where my friends and I were lying down after a scrumptious sunset BBQ, washed down with the local’s chilled beer.

All the best and hope you’re also having fun and enjoying life my friends when and wherever you can! cheers and good vibes :-))

Posted by Ardan. on 2021-07-03 05:46:27

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