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Turn ChatGPT into your Personal Assistant

ChatGPT is the most powerful technology we’ve ever seen.

But, most of us don’t have a clue how to use it to its maximum potential.

Here’s a simple framework to turn ChatGPT into your Personal Assistant:

• AI as a Tool

I want show you how I use ChatGPT and other AI tools as my own personal:

• Intern
• Assistant
• Researcher

Like anything in life, ChatGPT is a garbage in – garbage out system.

I’m going to show you a thread we wrote that went viral this week and how👇 

• Your Role

The key with any of these roles on your team, whether they’re in real life or artificial intelligence, is you need to:

1. Give clear direction
2. Review work product
3. Refine directions further
4. Rinse and repeat this process 

• It’s not Prompts

Prompts aren’t the answer.

The Twitter Threads offering 500 prompts won’t help.

What you need to learn is the process of using AI iteratively as your personal intern.

Let me walk you through an example of how you can use AI for each of these steps.

• The Idea

Sometimes, coming up with ideas is challenging.

Using AI will help you not have to begin from a blank page, which is half the battle.

Here’s an example Prompt:

• I want to write a thread about growing your earnings

• Give me 5 topics not commonly discussed 

• The Results

Here’s what ChatGPT gave me:

1.Peer to peer lending
2.Monetize your hobbies
3.Invest in cryptocurrencies 
4.Rent out your personal assets
5.Build and sell online businesses

I can work with these, but… 

• My Idea Process

here’s how I come up with my ideas:

1. Go for a 90 minute walk with my dog
2. On the first ½ of the walk listen to a Podcast
3. On the second ½ of the walk, proceed in silence

Every single time, I come up with 4 – 5 ideas I want to write about. 

• The Research

I asked ChatGPT a simple question and expected I’d get good results:

What do people consider the top ten motivational speeches we can watch on Youtube

Because ChatGPT uses search results, I’m asking it to read all the Top Ten lists to save me from doing it. 

• The Refinement

There’s a problem with most Top 10 lists.

They tend to be male-centric and also may often lack diversity, which I want to avoid as a creator.

The original list that was sent to me matched that so I refined it this way:

Give me 3 more that are from women 


• Refine the Data

Here’s what ChatGPT gave me for each video.

It’s good, but I can’t use it, so I queried it further and got the second image.

What are the Top 3 takeaways from Les Brown’s Video “You Gotta Be Hungry” 


• Refine the Format

I couldn’t use that as a Tweet, so I asked it:

Give me the top 3 takeaways for each video. 

I’d like you to format it as:

Speaker, Speech and then 3 bullet points of the takeaways…

The results were much better and almost usable. 


• Continue to Refine

If you’ve had interns or colleagues at the start of their career, you understand:

1. Be patient
2. Continue to refine
3. Don’t publish too early

I asked it to put the bullets in ascending order and to have a maximum of 5 words, here’s what I got: 


• Almost There

That’s getting close, but, you need to look at the details:

1. It took out key insights
2. It doesn’t have a link to videos

I asked it to fix that and here’s what my friend, ChatGPT gave me: 

• The Last Step

This is good, almost no more formatting needed.

Your job isn’t done yet. There’s more to do.

ALWAYS check the links of people on your team, including AI.

5 of the 13 YouTube links didn’t work.

Here’s the finished product:

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