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Unconditional touch

Unconditional touch

Step one, overcoming the resistance to want to reach out. Convincing yourself that it is alright to extend your hand. It will only burn initially and then it will be nothing but a tingling sensation of the fear you left behind.

Step two, the gentle touch. When you finally feel it and it was nothing compared to what your mind thought. After all, our imagination can be our greatest companion and sadly our worst demise.

Finally, the balance between overflowing what you can give but reminding yourself that if you don’t receive the same back, there should be no regrets.

Unconditional love…

P.S. The magical dreamy horns are made by Natty through her new brand called Chi. 😉 Letting out her magical side.

Posted by Zalindah.Resident on 2022-05-01 02:27:19


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