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Waving Hello to a New America

Waving Hello to a New America

When you have a Growth Mindset, you believe that your vote and your voice means something and you raise children to also believe this. And, when you have candidates who don’t follow through, you protest and vote them out. This is what we must continue to do. A new America is not just new leadership but a new philosophy on being an active citizen and what it means to stand up for human rights and to have definite opinions on progress and ethics. A new America needs to see the data on climate change and act. A new America needs to support Science and get a safe vaccine out to states as soon as possible. A new America needs to welcome immigrants and support public education again. A new America needs to provide health care to its citizens and put more money into funding communities with proactive mental health than policing its people. A new America needs to end for profit prisons and work actively to end our history of institutionalized racism.

Having a fixed mindset means you become complacent and don’t make demands because you think your voice is meaningless. It means you let good people suffer while you watch your country slowly fall apart like a patient with a terminal disease. You hold up your hands, only slightly convinced you could have done better and made a difference. But, you just spend all your days being afraid or angry or lazy or a sad combination of all three.

Which one will you have for the next four years for your country and for the world? How will you fight for human rights? How will you make this world a better place than when you entered it?

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Posted by kirstiecat on 2020-11-22 19:17:46

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