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Your mindset is everything

Your mindset is everything

I’ve never been good at journaling, but I manage to have a bullet journal to keep track of my blogging, and random ideas or dates I need to remember.

During my unplanned break, and being without a computer with which to "work" on things, I didn’t write much more, but I did come up with some ideas, and I’m working on them.

Also decided I shouldn’t stress with my blogging requirements, and focus more on RL and myself, take care of myself, and for example, not to feel "guilty" if I don’t log in one evening.

Many little changes actually make a huge difference, and that’s especially good when it makes you happier.

I’m still trying to catch up with the latest releases, featuring here Apple Fall, Fancy Decor and Moss&Mink, I hope you like it! <3

Full list of credits in my blog HERE <3

Posted by Hippo Ihnen on 2021-06-09 23:05:34

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