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50.366 Insomnia

50.366 Insomnia

And now for something completely different…
So, it feels like ages since I did a selfie. I think that is because the last one was in Florida, and even though parts of that feel like yesterday, parts of it feel like a really long time ago. Possibly too, because the weather here is so cold now, looking at myself in vest tops and cotton skirts seems crazy :).

So, this image came about for a number of reasons. I tidied my room 🙂 Yes, I know that seems a little understated, but believe me it is a task- when I plan to make a start I find a million and one things to do and both dogs either take up residence *in* the room, or sit at the door moaning.
One of the things I found when I tidied up, were 2 net curtains still in their packaging from Ikea and for ages I could not think why I got them. I remembered later, they were about £5 and I had an idea to make a petticoat with the net.

At the time though, when I was still in confusement (it is a word) I planned to use it this weekend in a selfie.

I have always been a Night Owl. That is why Thorin calls me Owl. I like the stillness of the night, though I also know the isolation of the night. Every now and again I go through bouts of what I call ‘Sporadic Insomina’. Its never the classic ‘lying in bed wide awake staring at the ceiling’, possibly because in a lot of cases, people with insomnia have a partner to consider. For me, it’s about just not going to bed. Leaving it so late to think about going to bed, that by the time I get there its REALLY late. What I find these days, is this behaviour can’t work like this for much longer. I have too many other responsibilities now to live like this and I need to change the game plan. Self-control, self-discipline and sensibility HAVE to kick in now. An audit on the accountability of my time is long overdue…

On another note, I have been chatting with a Lovely recently. He is also a photographer, and in a lot of ways I know he helped inspire me to come up with this image. What a huge compliment that he has invested time enough to advise me I feel. But I like it, works both ways I think- inspiration for me at least is never a one way track, however you inspire another, they also give right back…breaks you out of your patterns and opens up possibility. I think I can feel another collaboration coming on 😉

SOOC- I made the schoolgirl error (probably of not shooting enough and being out of the habit) of not switching back to RAW from Jpgeg fine. Luckily for me, I was happy with the image enough to upload as is.

Throughout this project, I have been conscious that I haven’t yet done a black and white selfie, (we will see when that happens). Not only did I make the RAW error, I also left my camera profile into a ‘Standard’ setting, it meant the colours are totally muted (for my usual tastes). I think it totally fits the image/concept though.

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